Francesca Rome-Marie

Marginalized Groups

Advocate for Marginalized Groups

Across the globe, marginalized groups face discrimination and obstacles to receiving adequate mind-body care and medicine. This is due to many causes, but often the underlying theme is a systemic failure to recognize human rights and equality. Francesca Rome-Marie wants to do her part to increase the visibility and access of marginalized individuals and groups all over the world.

As a healthcare professional, Francesca Rome-Marie has dedicated her life and her career to the service of others. Francesca’s professional focus lies at the intersection of health and identity, believing strongly that an individual’s whole self must be considered – and respected – in all aspects of care. Accordingly, she has specialized experience in several areas that address people’s needs on a macro and micro level, including family medicine, global health, HIV and AIDS, LGBTQIA+ rights, and disaster management.


A dually board-certified psychiatric and family nurse practitioner with a Masters in Disaster Management from Copenhagen University, Francesca Rome-Marie has studied and trained globally at institutions from Johns Hopkins University to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  


In addition to her medical training, Francesca has studied topics that include psychoanalysis, feminist critiques of reason, global religions and cultures, and international human rights in experiential and academic contexts. She is also well-versed in sexual health and education as well as gender theory, analysis, and mainstreaming.


Francesca Rome-Marie is interested in work that allows her to promote the visibility – and accompanying access to care, research, and program implementation – of marginalized and underserved groups. She has a great deal of experience working with diverse populations – including LGBTQIA+ individuals, women and girls, sex workers, and those whose identities transect multiple groups.


Much like her educational background, Francesca Rome-Marie’s professional ethos is a mixture of practice-based competencies, in-depth scientific knowledge, and hands on experiences. This dedication to maintaining a holistic and comprehensive understanding of her field leads Francesca to utilize strategic approaches to achieve the best results – whether for individual patients or larger populations being served.


Currently living in Rome, Italy, Francesca seeks to continue to use her breadth of knowledge, cross-cultural understanding, and experience in advocacy – to improve mind-body healthcare, and humanitarian services.

Gain more insight into marginalized groups and the issues they face around the world by visiting Francesca Rome-Marie’s blog page – check back often for the latest updates and information.