Francesca Rome-Marie

Marginalized Groups

Advocate for Marginalized Groups

Across the globe, marginalized groups of all kinds face hurdles and obstacles on the road to receiving not only adequate healthcare and medicine but also human rights, and equality – Francesca Rome-Marie wants to do her part to clear the path and increase accessibility to individuals all over the world to truly work towards a place of equality. 

As a healthcare professional, Francesca Rome-Marie has dedicated her life and her career to the service of others. In her career, she specializes in several areas, including family medicine, global health, HIV and AIDS, LGBTQ+ rights, and disaster management. She has spent a large portion of her career as an academic, constantly striving to learn more and further her knowledge and skills. She has studied topics that include psychoanalysis, international religion and culture, gender and sexuality, family practice and nursing, tropical nursing, and crisis, emergency, and disaster management. 

Alongside her education, Francesca Rome-Marie has had an immense amount of experience working with different marginalized groups and learning first-hand about some of the issues they’re facing. As a result, she’s developed a specialization in multiple different areas. Through her studies and her work with the LGBTQ+ community, she’s developed a better understanding of LGBTQ+ rights, gender analysis, gender studies, reproductive health, sexuality education, gender mainstreaming, international human rights, and gender theory. She learned about disaster response, disaster recovery, disaster preparedness while studying crisis management, where she also gained greater insight into disaster risk reduction, crisis counselling, cross-cultural communication skills, humanitarian assistance, humanitarian intervention, teamwork, and team leadership. The care that we as a society are able to offer to those who are suffering in times of need can be lifesaving and life-changing. 

Additionally, Francesca Rome-Marie’s career working in healthcare has helped her build experience working with women’s rights, human rights activism, tropical medicine, malaria, program implementation, preventative medicine, global health, primary care, interpersonal communication, collaborative problem solving, management, and nonprofit organizations. Francesca is also multilingual; a native English speaker, she speaks Italian with full professional proficiency, French with limited working proficiency, and Danish with elementary proficiency. She seeks to continue her work and help marginalized groups all over the world receive the recognition, rights, and opportunities that they deserve. 

Gain more insight into marginalized groups and the issues they face around the world by visiting Francesca Rome-Marie’s blog page – check back often for the latest updates and information.